Apple Has Improved ‘Voice-To-Text’ Feature In iOS 8 (Video)

Apple's iOS software has had built-in voice-to-text functionality for quite some time now although anyone who actively use this feature knows that the performance is far from perfect. Between long delays in the software analyzing your words and the sheer amount of mistakes it often results in, the experience can be a very frustrating.

Thankfully, Apple developers have been working on improving the performance in iOS 8 and thus created a new visualization tool for iOS dictation which offers fast (not real-time, but close) processing of your voice. This allows for instant feedback as to whether the software is correctly tracking your speech. Compared to before, it is a large improvement as it previously required waiting for the whole message to be processed before any resulting text would appear.

Check out the embedded video (courtesy of MacRumors) above to see the new feature for yourself. Those of you with access to the iOS 8 beta can utilize this new functionality via the latest Beta 4 build that is now available for download.