Apple Will End ‘Aperture’ Development & Replace It With ‘Photos’ For OS X

Photographers who are active users of Apple's Aperture software will be in for a major change as the development for the software had officially been ceased with a transition to their new software simply titled ‘Photos' in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The Photos app was originally announced at this year's WWDC conference although not many details are known at this time.

Apple previously had iPhotos for basic photo editing and organizational use along with Aperture for the more advanced, professional users. Photos will be a combination of the two and offer both basic and advanced features within a single app. Better yet, Photos will work straight out of the box with your existing iCloud Photo Library so you'll be able to sync your photos in the cloud and access them from anywhere at any time.

An Apple spokesperson spoke with TechCrunch about their decision to end Aperture development and transition to iPhoto. The rep made the following statement for any Aperture power users who may be weary of the switch: When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS X.”

On the other hand, Adobe who is responsible for Lightroom 5 (the largest competitor to Aperture) and they had this to say about Apple's decision:

“Put simply we’re doubling down on our investments in Lightroom and the new Creative Cloud Photography plan and you can expect to see a rich roadmap of rapid innovation for desktop, web and device workflows in the coming weeks, months and years. We also continue to invest actively on the iOS and OSX platforms, and are committed to helping interested iPhoto and Aperture customers migrate to our rich solution across desktop, device and web workflows.”

I previously was an Aperture user, but the scarcity of software updates and lack of some critical advanced features convinced me to make the switch to Lightroom 5 which I now utilize on a daily basis. I think this move from Apple is a smart one as Aperture's days were numbered and the consolidation of iPhoto and Aperture into one should take some weight of the developer's shoulders. Stay tuned for more information about Photos as it is made public.