Anker’s ‘Genie’ Is A $35 Smart Speaker That Undercuts The Competition

Amazon's Echo Dot is a $50 voice assistant that functions like its older Echo sibling without the advanced speaker technology. While $50 is within most consumer budgets, what if you could score the same Alexa-enabled technology in a similar form-factor for $15 cheaper? This is where Anker's new $35 Eufy Genie smart speaker comes into play.

At a quick glance, the Genie resembles the Echo Dot though it is slightly less sleek in my opinion. The great part is the feature set and functionality match that of the Echo Dot and Anker is even going as far to say it promises “better sound” than its more expensive competitor thanks to the integrated 2W speaker. Let's face it, neither the Genie or Echo Dot are going to fill a whole room with crisp audio, but

Let's face it, neither the Genie or Echo Dot are going to be capable of filling an entire room with crisp audio sporting such weak audio hardware, but it is important to note that both allow the ability to hook up external speakers via the 3.5mm audio jack located on the back of the device.

What's the catch? While beside the small difference in looks, the $35 Anker Genie does NOT support for wireless Bluetooth connections with external speakers like the Echo Dot. However, they will be releasing a $40 Genie model with Bluetooth support in the near future that offers 100% of the functionality while being 20% cheaper than the Echo Dot.

The $35 Anker Eufy Genie will be available for purchase on Amazon starting on August 16th.

Source: CNET