Android Pay Hinted To Have August 26th Release In US

Apple Pay was one of the coolest new features in the newest iPhone models but remains gimmicky as the technology is not supported by many retailers for those who live outside a big city.

Google, on the other hand, has also been developing their NFC payment service called Android Pay. This will allow users to buy items simply by tapping their Android Pay equipt phone to the terminal at a large assortment of retailers who already support NFC communication.

While Android Pay's release has been discussed and rumored for quite some time now, there has been no official release date given by the “Big G”. According to a leaked internal memo from a McDonalds employee, the franchise has been told to prepare employees for the use of Android Pay as payment method starting this Wednesday, August 26th.

While this document remains unconfirmed, this release date doesn't seem to coincide with Google's initial plans as they have previously stated the Android Pay launch will go hand-in-hand with the release date of Android 6 “Marshmellow”.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Image Credit: Flickr
Source: Engadget