Amazon’s Dash Button Makes Household Shopping Easier (Video)

Amazon has been a large factor in changing the way consumers today shop and their efforts have been proven effective in decreasing brick-and-mortar sales. The company's newest innovative is called the Dash Button, and it vows to revolutionize the commerce industry again with a simple business strategy.

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The Dash Button concept involves a physical button that can be programmed to purchase a specific everyday product (toilet paper, K-Cups, makeup, water, dog food, shampoo, etc.) on demand when the button is pressed. Once properly configured, you stick this button in a convenient location, so it is ready to in arm's reach when you know your stock is running low.

As you'd expect, this innovative feature is tied directly within their $99/year Prime subscription so you won't be able to access it without signing up for the service. Those of you who are active Prime subscribers can request an invite to the Dash Button service via this link.

Source: Amazon