Amazon’s $50 2nd Geneneration ‘Echo Dot’ Provides Alexa Technology To All

When Amazon unveiled their line of smart-home products utilizing ‘Alexa' technology, those who got their hands on these devices were considered part of an exclusive club as the beta period only offered select units. Once the original Echo launched to the masses, spin-offs like the Echo Dot were considerably cheaper except they were only available for existing Echo owners.

Today, Amazon officially announced their second generation Echo Dot which comes in at a mere $50 which is $40 less than the original version.


For those unfamiliar with the Dot's design, it takes the same intelligent Alexa technology made famous by the $179 Echo and shrinks it to a smaller form-factor lacking any built-in audio output. Instead, you can plug any existing speakers into the device via the 3.5mm headphone jack to allow enable sound from the unit.

Besides the low-budget pricing, Amazon has opened up Echo Dot sales to all consumers regardless of previous Echo ownership. Pre-orders start today for both the black and white color variants with orders expected to ship by October 20th.


Those interested in stocking up on Dots for multiple rooms in their household can purchase five and get a sixth free with the code ‘DOT6PACK' or buy ten and get two additional units free upon entering ‘DOT12Pack' while checking out.

Source: Amazon