‘Amazon Video Direct’ Will Now Offer User-Uploaded Content

Amazon has dove into the video streaming business with the success of Amazon Instant Video or Prime Video, yet they still fall behind services like Netflix or YouTube when it comes to their overall user base for video consumption. The Bezos-owned company likes to keep competitors on their toes and is always innovating new ways to expand or improve their product line.

This morning they made a surprise announcement of ‘Amazon Video Direct', a brand new segment of Amazon Video which will allow creators the chance to set up an account and upload their creative works to Amazon's streaming library in exchange for a 50% share of the advertising revenues.

If advertising isn't something you'd like to have alongside your content, this platform will also allow you to rent/sell your video content, distribute on Prime Video (15 cents per hour in royalties for US streamers, 6 cents per hour for other territories) or share them for free.

Competition is a good thing in the end and this type of platform may not overtake YouTube or Netflix in the future, but it will help to keep them in line and putting a focus on properly treating the users that make their businesses a success.

To sign up as an Amazon Video Direct partner, visit this link.

Source: TechCrunch