Amazon Updates Their Alexa Lineup With Six New Hardware Products

Ever since we took at look at the original Echo, we knew the potential of this kind of technology had big things on the horizon for Amazon. Fast forward two years and the company has just announced six new physical products sporting Alexa technology all aimed to serve different purposes in your households.

Echo (2nd Generation) – $99.99

Priced at just under $100, the regular echo has received a makeover with a smaller form-factor and fabric exterior. Its capabilities match the original Echo, but the smaller size does see a downsizing of internal hardware such as the tweeter which went from 2″ to just .6″.

Pre-orders for the 2nd generation Echo have already begun via the Amazon product page, but until won't begin shipping until Halloween (October 31st). For those looking to bulk up on multiple units, the coupon code ECHO3PACK will save $50 on your order of three units.

Echo Plus – from $99.99

The new Echo Plus looks very similar to the 1st generation Echo priced even cheaper at $149.99 which is in line with our earlier pricing recommendation mentioned in the original Echo review. While the sizing is similar to the 1st generation Echo, the internal hardware has been shrunk including the tweeter which went from 2″ to .8″ (still slightly bigger than the regular second generation Echo).

What the Echo Plus offers is a built-in smart home hub. This means that you can quickly setup and control your compatible smart home devices without the need for an external hub or third-party app. One of the big benefits to this is the fact that it supports the Philips Hue bulbs (recommended in our best smart light bulbs guide) without the need for the Hue hub.

Pre-orders for the Echo Plus are being taken now via Amazon, but the initial units will not ship until October 31st. For a limited time, Amazon is offering a promotional deal where you can get the Echo Plus bundled with a Philip Hue Bulb for the same $149.99 price point which offers $14.99 in additional value.

Echo Spot – $99.99

Offered in both black and white finishes, the Echo Spot is a unique hardware product from Amazon that meshes the small size of the Echo Dot with the screen/camera capabilities of the Echo Show. This allows you to make video and audio calls with others using the Alexa technology as well as carry out all the hands-free voice commands.

Priced $129.99, the Echo Spot is now available for pre-order via Amazon. The first batch of units are not expected to not until December 19th so you'll still have them by Christmas as long as the production efforts go smoothly and according to plan.

All-New Fire TV 4K UHD With Alexa – $99.99

The newest generation of Amazon's popular Fire TV offered 4K UHD and HDR support coupled with Alexa technology thanks to the included voice remote. This new generation offers a new compact and portable form-factor that resembles the 2nd generation Google Chromecast and supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Priced at $69.99, the all-new Fire TV is available for pre-order and will begin shipment on October 25th. If you are looking to pick-up an Echo Dot as well, Amazon is offering a bundle with the all-new Fire TV that gives you both devices for just $79.99 which equates to a $40 discount off the Echo Dot.

Echo Connect – 

A brand new concept from Amazon is the Echo Connect which sells for $34.99. The concept allows you to connect your home phone system to the Echo Connect and then use your existing Echo products (sold separately) to make and receive calls just like a traditional landline (including 911 and international numbers). Pre-orders are now being taken, but Amazon will not begin shipping the Echo Connect until December 13th.

Echo Buttons – $19.99 (Pair)

Lastly, Amazon's new Echo Buttons offer a fun way to interact with your Echo via mini games. Priced at $19.99 for a pair, the Echo Buttons can be used with existing Echo devices for multiplayer games like ‘Beat the Intro', ‘Dungeon Escape' or ‘Sounds Fun with Mike Epps'. This product is still in development and not yet available for pre-order, but Amazon plans to have them ready for the upcoming holiday season.