Amazon Teases ‘The Grand Tour’ Season 2, Plus More Original Content

Amazon is teasing new original content on their homepage as of recent. Included in this news is the highly anticipated second season of The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour Season 2

For those of you unfamiliar with this show or its concept, it is a revitalized series initially stemmed from the Top Gear UK. One of the stars Jeremy Clarkson had a falling out with BBC and fired. Clarkson then signed on with his costars to bring their talents to the Amazon streaming service for a whopping $250M for three seasons.

An official release date has not been confirmed, but the Amazon team has stated that the second season will be added exclusively to the platform before the end of the year. You can check out the teaser trailer of which I've embedded below:

Lore Amazon Series

The second piece of original content is based on the popular podcast and narrated by its creator Aaron Mahnke. With its content based on popular folklore and the same Executive Producer as The Walking Dead and the X-Files, the series could go far for Amazon.

With six episodes planned for an October 13th release date, this scary mini-series is just in time for Halloween. You can see the official trailer for Lore embedded below:

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Based on the popular series by Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst who stumbles upon suspicious bank records which forces him to chase a terrorist throughout Europe and the Middle East to combat a potential terror attack against the U.S.

With John Krasinski in the lead role and Michael Bay as one of the Executive Producers, it is likely this series could be a winner. The first season consists of eight episodes and will debut sometime next year.

The Big Stick Amazon Exclusive

The Big Sick is a movie from the producer behind Bridesmaids and Trainwreck having made its debut at Sundance Film festival. Starring in the lead role of the movie is Kumail Nanjiani, one of the primary characters in HBO's Silicon Valley.

The film has a high 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and won the ‘Audience Award: Festival Favorites' at the 2017 South by Southwest event. You can watch the trailer below or rent The Big Sick through Amazon today:

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