Amazon Stops Selling GoPro’s New ‘Hero 5’ Models Over Pricing Conflicts

Since Amazon has such a large consumer-base behind it, it makes often makes sense for companies to prioritize Amazon as a means of their sales strategy. GoPro has always worked with the e-commerce giant to sell their popular action camera models as well as the various accessories that go with them.

According to a recent article by Fortune, Amazon and GoPro have halted sales of their new Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session models over a dispute in pricing. While these terms are still under negotiation, it seems Amazon wanted to sell the Hero 5 models under the ‘floor pricing' which is the cheapest the manufacturer will let their products be sold for as new.

A look at Amazon's search results shows only third-party sellers for the Hero 5 models

The original report states that Amazon makes up for 12-14% of all of GoPro's yearly sales meaning this could result in a staggering $10M in sales losses especially with the holiday season rolling in.  A representative from GoPro has stated they expect a new agreement to come together as soon as later this month so this hiatus might not be present for much longer.

Until then, those interested in picking up one of GoPro's new Hero 5 cameras can do so via B&H Photo or by way of a third-party seller through Amazon.

Via: PetaPixel
Source: Fortune