Amazon Sells Out of ‘Apple TV 4K’ Models In Just A Few Hours

Not too long ago, we discussed the end of the feud between Amazon and their streaming device rivals Google and Apple. Nearly two years ago, the e-commerce giant removed the sale of Google's Chromecast and Apple TV devices to help ease the competition and promote their Fire TV devices.

Beyond this, Amazon also blamed the two companies for not offering a native Amazon Prime Video solution for their streaming devices. Since they were removed from sale on Amazon, both companies have added native support yet the recent blocking of YouTube on the Echo Show & Fire TV was enough for Amazon to change their course on the situation.

Last night, the newest 4K version of the Apple TV reappeared on Amazon's product pages for the first time in years (not third-party sellers). While no confirmation of how much stock they had, the existing units were sold out in both 32GB and 64GB in

Via: AppleInsider
Source: Amazon
Featured Image: Flickr


Colt Agar

Colt Agar

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Colt Agar
Colt Agar