Amazon Has Reverted Back To Selling Apple TV & Chromecast Devices

A few years ago, Amazon pulled competing media devices like Google's Chromecast and the Apple TV primarily because they did not natively support streaming on Amazon's ‘Prime Video' streaming platform. This upset Google and Apple, but Amazon stayed its course with the decision until this week when the e-commerce giant has reportedly confirmed the return of selling these two devices.

This decision is a large one and surprisingly late as they could have seized some more sales for the holiday shopping season. The timing coincides with Google's action last week which blocked access to YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV devices.

Additionally, Apple has recently added a native Amazon Prime Video app to their Apple TV platform, so it seems the three companies have finally made amends on these issues. For now, these devices have not returned to Amazon's sales pages just yet although we expect them to be re-added shortly.

Source: Engadget
Image: Flickr