Amazon Reverts Back To $35 Threshold For Free Shipping To Match Walmart

While many Amazon customers have at least one member of their household with Prime shipping benefits, those who do not often find themselves having to meet the minimum purchase threshold to receive free shipping. This order limit was initially set at just $35, but a year ago this number was increased to $49 due to a rise in the cost of logistics.

However, much like the Verizon/AT&T Unlimited data reintroduction, competition comes into play and Amazon has made the decision to drop free shipping benefits back to orders from $35 and up for non-Prime members. This decision came just weeks after Walmart's decision to end their ShippingPass subscription program and began offering free two-day shipping on all orders over $35.

Unlike Walmart's $35 free two-day shipping benefit, Amazon orders over $35 will still be given standard (slow) shipping, so you'll have to pick up a $99/yr Prime subscription if you want to receive your Amazon orders sooner without dishing out extra money for individual shipping costs.

Via: Engadget
Source: Amazon