Amazon Raising Prime Monthly Pricing By $2, $1 For Students

While most of Amazon's Prime members pay the $99 annually to save money, they have been offering a monthly subscription priced at $10.99/month. For those who opt for this month-to-month pricing, you'll be in for a cost hike as the e-commerce giant has announced a raise up to $12.99 monthly.

Any new signups will automatically be subject to this increased monthly pricing whereas current month-to-month customers will see the $2 increase come on your next billing statement after February 18th. Just to reiterate, this change is ONLY for the monthly plan as the annual $99/year membership is remaining the same for now.

As with the standard Prime subscription, the Prime Student remains at $49/year with collegiate eligibility. The month to month Prime Student membership will increase $1 from its current $5.49 pricing up to $6.49.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Amazon
Photo Cred: Karlis Dambrans/Flickr



  • good for you.. i don’t have it any more and wont… i’m sure some people cant do the 99 at one time so they do monthly and you just screwed them and i’m sure yourself

    • Hi Rieann,

      I am sorry that you feel upset with Amazon’s decision. Keep in mind, we are just the messengers and have no say in what the company does with their Prime pricing. As operating costs rise, the raising of prices for services like this is common (Netflix upped some of their plans recently). I’ll let you know if there are any ways to get a cheaper Prime account in the future.

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