Amazon Prime Members Can Now Choose Slower Shipping In Exchange For $1 Amazon Video Credit


Online shopping in today's world is primarily dominated by Amazon with much credit given to their stellar Prime subscription service. While it offers access to free streaming of media including video and music content, the main selling point for most consumers is the free 2-day shipping element as it takes much of the hassle out of shopping online and having to wait for slow shipping.

The downfall of this program for Amazon is that the rising shipping costs may be starting to outweigh the Prime membership benefits so the e-commerce giant set out to try and combat this issue. As of today, Amazon will not let Prime subscribers choose a “no-rush shipping” option which will provide the standard 7-10 day delivery speeds in exchange for $1 in Amazon Instant Video credit. Amazon claims this option will only be a “limited time offer” although it is hard to think that is the case if it proves successful and saves them money.

As a Prime subscriber for the past 2 years, I personally think the $1 credit isn't worth it and do not plan on utilizing this new shipping option for any future purchases. Considering most HDTV show episodes cost $2.99 each ($1.99 for SD) through Amazon Instant Video and your average HD movie rental costs $3.99, the $1 credit won't get you very far in exchange for the sacrifice of waiting an extra 5-8 days for your product(s).

Source: Engadget