Amazon Opens ‘Echo’ Sales To All For A $179 Price Tag

Most were surprised when Amazon debuted their Echo “smart” speaker device back in November. While the company has been entering various hardware markets in the past few years, it was an interesting play by the company to make sure an innovative. Similar to Siri or Cortana, the Echo harnesses an internal voice assistant named Alexia (this can be changed) which works with the companion app to carry out tasks like playing music and answering questions.

Up until today, the device was only available on a long waiting list for Prime members and it took me six months before my unit was queued to ship. This is no longer the case with Amazon extending the Echo for public purchase without any waiting lists at a retail price of $179. Any orders that are currently placed for the product will not ship until July 14th as that is the official date for its public release.

I've had my Echo for about a month and so far I am very pleased with the device. While a full written and video review is in the works, I will say the Echo is extremely well built (reminds me of an Apple product) functioning quickly and efficiently with highly accurate voice recognition. Stay tuned for the full review, but those interested in enough can head over to the Amazon product page to get your order in for a mid-July delivery,

Source: Amazon