Amazon Launches Affordable Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage Plans

The Cloud has been deemed the future of consumer data storage, and it seems everyone is now trying to get a piece of the market. Box and Dropbox were the first large players then followed by Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Amazon originally added unlimited photo storage to their Prime membership this past November by way of their Cloud Drive service. Earlier this morning, the retail giant expanded their cloud offerings beyond Prime subscribers in addition to offering an “Unlimited Everything” plan.

So now non-Amazon Prime members can add unlimited photo storage to their standard Amazon account for an affordable $11.99 per year. Should you need more storage for files other than photos, anyone (both Prime or standard account holders) can add the “Unlimited Everything” plan to their accounts for just $60 per year which equates to $5 per month. This pricing structure undercuts the competition as most offer plans with more constricting data limits at higher price-points.

For those who are on the fence as to whether this is the right service for you can sign up for a three-month trial of either plan. Just keep in mind that they will automatically bill at the end of the trial so be sure to cancel ahead of time if you decide it isn't the right fit.

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Source: Amazon