Amazon To Face Legal Battle With FTC Over In-App Purchases

The mobile application market has grown astronomically over the past 5 years and the new trend among developers is to offer their base apps for free with in-app purchases offered within them for greater functionality. Apple's iOS App Store was a big proponent of these in-app offers, but was forced to crack down after numerous complaints by parents whose kids were making thousands of dollars of in-app purchases without permission.

Amazon has been in a similar boat with the FTC warning the e-commerce giant that they must tighten their in-app purchase policy to become stricter as well as reimburse parents whose children ran up unauthorized charges on their parents accounts. According to the FTC report, disputed over unauthorized charges from Amazon has already racked up to millions of dollars and the Federal Trade Commission plans to take legal action the company unless something is done to remedy the situation.

Get the full scoop from the official FTC press release via the source link below.

Via: Engadget
Photo Credit: Flickr