Amazon Confirms ‘Alexa’ Technology Now Capable Of Over 15,000 Skills

Physical hardware has always been a hit or miss market for Amazon to enter into with massive success in their line of Kindle eReaders and a costly loss when they tried to release a Fire Phone. When they entered the physical speaker market by way of Echo which packed the all-new Alexa voice technology, many believed that this was a risky endeavor as a product like this hadn't been seen on the market yet. Fortunately for them, consumers lined up to purchase the product and with the introduction of several spin-offs from the original Echo and the company has sold more than 8M units to date.

When we initially took a look at the Echo in an in-depth review, we saw the potential of the device although the actual functionality and integrations available that early in the lifespan wasn't all that impressive for a $180 price-tag. Fast forward until present day and Amazon has just confirmed that the Alexa technology has surpassed a milestone of 15,000 different skills meaning that it is the smartest and most advanced voice assistant platform on the market. The crazy thing about this milestone is they passed 10,000 skills in February which is only a few short months ago, so developers are working hard to pump out new skills on a regular basis.

Amazon is holding 70% of the voice assistant market currently, so they are in an excellent position to continue to dominate the market. Their focus on feature expansion seems warranted given the competition from existing products like the Google Home as well as Apple's upcoming Siri-equipped HomePod speaker and the rumored Bixby voice assistant speaker that Samsung is said to be developing. In a market like this, innovation is the key to success, and Amazon is doing an excellent job keeping their product set apart from the rest.

Via: TechCrunch