Amazon To Celebrate ‘Transparent’ Award Win With 24-Hour Promo

Both Amazon and Netflix have invested millions of dollars in the production of their original video series, and the decision has been proven to be a smart one as both companies took home a Golden Globes recently for their efforts.

Netflix scored an award for Kevin Spacey's phenomenal portrayal of Frank Underwood in House of Cards. Amazon's Transparent took home two Golden Globes in the categories of ‘Best TV Comedy or Musical' and the Jeffrey Tambor won ‘Best Actor in a TV Comedy or Musical' for his role as the main character, Maura Pfefferman.

Obviously, Jeff Bezos and the Amazon team were ecstatic about the recognition for their hard work, so the company has announced a 24-hour promotion to celebrate the success of the Transparent series:

Starting on this Saturday 1/24, the entire 10-episode first season of Transparent will be available for free streaming to anyone within the 24 hour period. This is great since Amazon only allows streaming access to those who are paid Amazon Prime members. Additionally, this Amazon Prime membership will be temporarily discounted during this brief period from its standard $99/year to a significantly lower rate of $72 per year.

From what we know, this promotional price is only relevant for new sign-ups. With that being said, it appears as though there is a small loophole for any existing subscribers who are looking to save a few bucks on their future renewal. In theory, you should be able to be “gifted” a Prime subscription (from a friend or family member) at this discounted rate regardless of your current Prime status of which will just extend your membership one year past its end date.