Amazon Axes Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage Plan For $60

In such a data-heavy world, Amazon can no longer offer their coveted $60/year for unlimited terabytes of cloud storage plan and instead has replaced it with a pay per terabyte plan that is capped at 30TB. While that is still a great deal of data, it is far less than the potential of the unlimited option.

Pricing for the new option comes in at $60/year for a single terabyte and you can add-on to this at a $60 per TB pricing up to 30TB (bringing the total to $1,800 a year). This pricing directly matches new Apple's iCloud storage pricing although Amazon remains cheaper should you require more than 2TB.

My guess is a considerable amount of users were massively abusing the $60/year plan (much like what happens in unlimited cellular data plans thus the introduction of throttling) and the rise of high-resolution photography and 4K video making an ‘unlimited' storage option no longer sustainable or profitable.

Those on the current unlimited Cloud storage for the $60/month plan will be grandfathered into a 12-month extension, but any new subscribers or customers with less than unlimited you'll either be auto-renewed into the new pricing or have to manually opt in via the ‘manage storage' page.

For those wondering, this does not affect Prime subscribers who receive unlimited Cloud photo storage and is only pertaining to the $60/month unrestricted Cloud storage plan.

Via: Engadget
Source: Amazon