Amazon Announces Their ‘Echo Look’ Hands-Free Camera & Style Assistant

Personal voice assistants have become rather common in the smart home industry today thanks to smartphone integrations such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby in addition to the release of the Google Home and Amazon's Echo device lineup.

While most of these products all function with a similar concept, Amazon has just announced another Echo product that gives a whole new purpose to the product segment. Introducing the Echo Look, a unique version of the Echo lineup that takes the personal voice assistant role to the next level with the addition of a hands-free camera and style assistant features.

This means besides your typical commands for Alexa-enabled devices, the Echo Look can capture images and video in a portrait orientation for review on your mobile device and share them on social media. If you take a photo of yourself wearing two different outfits, the Echo Look has a unique algorithm based on advice from fashion specialists to help you determine which is the better look.

Pricing is the steepest we've seen in an Echo product at $199.99 yet this is also the first one to sport a camera. Amazon has locked the purchase of the new Echo Look to an invite only system (similar to the original Echo when it was announced), so you can visit the Amazon product page to request an invitation or wait until they open sales to the general public.

Via: Amazon