Amazon’s Alexa-Enabled Dash Wand Is Basically Free For Prime Users

The Amazon Dash is a product that the company announced a few years back to help customers make their purchase easier via a small Wi-fi barcode scanner. Fast-forward to 2017 and the company has introduced their ‘Dash Wand' which solves the same purpose as the original although with improvements thanks to their Alexa voice assistant technology which gained recognition from their Echo line.

Using Alexa, you can carry out tasks like measurement conversions, recipe lookups, and buying products. Like the original, it still harnesses a barcode scanner if you find that easier than using your voice to order and will add items directly to your cart on any linked Amazon account.

The company made the Dash Wand of a better build with a water resistant design that is ideal for a wet kitchen environment as well as magnetic so it can easily stick to appliances for added convenience.

Amazon is notorious for allowing their Prime members to reap early adopter benefits on their physical devices and in this case they have created a virtually free offer for Prime subscribers that pick-up a Dash Wand:

Purchase Dash Wand for $20 and get $20 off your next purchase after you register the device. *

While you still have to front the $20 for the initial purchase, you'll receive $20 in credit for future purchases as soon as you register the device to your Amazon account so you'll only really have to pay tax (which in our case ended up being only $1.40 for Florida).

In addition to the $20 credit offer, they are offering a free 3-month trial of AmazonFresh for free (normally $14.99/month) but the catch is you have to live in one of the select cities that the program is currently running in: Seattle, Northern California, Southern California, New York or Philly.

Don't forget that Amazon is offering some serious discounts on their Echo line of smart speaker/voice assistants just in time for Father's day.

Source: Amazon