AirPods Are Expected To Be In Apple Stores December 19th (Tomorrow)

Apple's wireless headphones dubbed the ‘AirPods' were one of the most interesting products announced during the Fall keynote, but manufacturing troubles resulted in substantial shipment delays. While many reports have been saying the product will not publically ship until 2017, MacRumors is reporting that Apple Stores will be carrying them as soon as tomorrow, December 19th.

According to the report, carrier stores will also be receiving AirPods shortly although it seems like Apple Stores will be the first to secure stock. While online pre-orders have been open for quite awhile now, only the earliest customers will receive their AirPods in time for the holidays as recent orders have shipment dates that remain 3-4 weeks out.

For those who weren't able to secure an early reservation, the only change you'll be able to score a pair this month is by purchasing in an Apple Store while they still have some in-stock.

Via: Mashable Tech
Source: MacRumors