‘Age Of Empires: World Domination’ Will Arrive On Mobile Devices This Summer (Video)

The Age of Empires video game franchise has been a huge hit since its introduction back in 1997 yet the series has never been available for anything other than a PC or Mac computer. This is subject to change as a new spin-off titles Age of Empires: World Domination has been announced which will bring the game's unique mechanics to all major mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The announcement states the new title will appear in mobile app stores sometime this summer although no definite release date is known at this current time.

The game features an all new battle system that's optimized for mobile devices and you can create your own empire by utilizing the series' most popular civilizations. These include the Celts (King Arthur), the Vikings (Cnut the Great), the Franks (Joan of Arc), and the Huns (Attila the Hun). Checkout the official announcement trailer which I've embedded above or visit the app's official website via the source link below.

Source: YouTube, AOEWD