‘Affinity Photo’ Crowned Best Mac App Of 2015

When Serif initially announced their professional photo editing software dubbed Affinity Photo, it was hard to imagine success in a market ruled by Adobe Photoshop. However, once the software has exited its beta period, it has raised enough attention to be crowned the ‘Best Mac App of 2015' by Apple themselves beating out thousands of other competing applications.

With a clean user interface, excellent RAW support and the best features of Lightroom and Photoshop merged into one standalone option, it makes sense why the software has been successful thus far.

If you compare the high subscription costs of Adobe's Photography Plan (includes Photoshop & Lightroom access) at $120/year, Affinity Photo's affordable one-time fee of $49.99 is a no-brainer for someone on a budget.

Now let's just hope they release a Windows version soon enough so more consumers can reap the benefits of this great photo editor.

Source: Affinity Photo