Adobe Now Supports HDR RAW Via Lightroom Mobile Apps

A few years back, Adobe added a native function to Lightroom CC for HDR (high dynamic range) blending and tone mapping. While most would be performing HDR RAW editing on a dedicated machine, some have complained about the lack of RAW editing when shooting HDR for Lightroom Mobile.

Fortunately, Adobe has been listening to the feedback and added RAW blending to HDR on both their iOS and Android apps. When taking an HDR photo through LR Mobile, the application will meter the shot to determine exposure values and capture three photos simultaneous photos in DNG RAW formats.

Behind the scenes, the software will utilize complicated algorithms to align, merge, tone map and compile the blended images into a single 32-bit RAW image.

While this is a handy feature for budding mobile photographers, be aware there are some stipulations for utilizing this HDR RAW feature, mainly a requirement for a compatible device.

Apple users will need at least an iPhone 6s/SE or newer or the iPad Pro 9.7 whereas Android users will need a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge or Pixel/Pixel XL.

Via: Engadget
Source: Adobe