Adobe Introduces ‘Lightroom CC’ & ‘Lightroom Classic CC’

Many photographers rely on Adobe's Lightroom software for editing their images as well as organized file storage. As a photographer myself, Lightroom has been the crutch to managing our image library here at The Tech Reviewer as well as my personal photos.

Starting off as a standalone client from Adobe, Lightroom shifted to be a part of their Creative Cloud plan back in 2015 alongside the option to buy Lightroom 6 outright for an upfront fee.

Earlier today, Adobe announced new plans for Lightroom which includes branching the software into two different directions. The company is pushing out both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC which will operate independently of each other.

Lightroom Classic CC

The traditional version of Lightroom that photographers have grown to know and love. The software's focus is to provide the most in-depth photo editing and organization experience rooted on your local desktop.

Fortunately, those looking to stick with the traditional Lightroom experience will also get some new perks including:

  • Application launch time
  • Preview generation including in Standard, 1:1 and Minimal previews
  • Import selection workflow with “Embedded & Sidecar” preview option
  • Switching between Library and Develop Module
  • Moving from photo to photo in the Develop Module
  • Responsive brushing

For a full list of changes or additions to Lightroom Classic CC, click here.

Lightroom CC

The new version of Lightroom CC is dedicated to the cloud with apps for desktop, mobile and web usage. At its core, Lightroom CC differs from its older ‘Classic' sibling with a focus on a simpler UI that is seamless across all devices all while keeping your images stored in the cloud as opposed to locally.

How does the pricing work?

This is an interesting question as the introduction of the new cloud-based Lightroom CC seems to cater more towards consumers than professional photographers. For this, they broke the pricing model into three different segments:

Adobe Lightroom CC Plans

Lightroom CC Plan ($9.99 per month)includes access to the all-new Lightroom CC as well as 1TB of cloud storage.

Photography Plan ($9.99 per month) – includes the all-new Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Photoshop CC as well as 20GB of cloud storage.

Photography Plan with 1TB ($19.99 per month) – same as the Photography Plan, but the 20GB of cloud storage is bumped up to 1TB.

What will happen to Lightroom 6?

Adobe has made it clear that Lightroom 6 will remain the last standalone version of the software outside of a CC membership. New customers will be able to purchase LR 6 for now, but it is not clear for how long. Additionally, LR6 will stop receiving updates for camera support or bug fixes after 2017.

Source: Adobe