Activision Releases ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops III’ Teaser (Video)

The Call of Duty franchise has been an absolute goldmine for Activision, so it makes sense for the company to release a new iteration each year to keep gamers refreshed with new gameplay, maps, weapons, and abilities.

Earlier this morning, the game publisher released a short video that teases the upcoming announcement for Black Ops III which will have a global reveal on April 26th, just 17 days away. This is the successor to Black Ops II which was originally made available on November 12th, 2012 and reached over $1B in revenue just 15 days after its release.

Frankly, they didn't give away too much information from the short video clip although it will do its job of getting the media and gaming world buzzing as to potential locations, time periods, and characters whom will be involved in the basis for the game.

Check out the teaser embedded below (courtesy of The Verge) to see it for yourself:

It is safe to assume that despite a global announcement at the end of the month, Black Ops III won't likely be released until sometime in November.

Source: The Verge