4th-Gen iPads Can Now Make HD Video Calls Thanks To Skype Update

Skype has revolutionized the way the world communicates with loved ones and friends across large distances, giving us a chance to see and hear them in real-time via their video chat functionality. With all the new smartphones and tablets entering the market each year, the ability to Skype while on-the-go has grown tremendously.

The iPad is a product that is perfect for Skyping with its large HD screen and combination of front and rear facing cameras. Unfortunately, users of the 4th generation iPad model have been stuck making standard definition video calls even though their hardware supported HD video-calling.

This is no longer the case thanks to a new update pushed out to iOS users which allows HD quality video calls from 4th-generation iPad users as well as improvements to the overall call quality and stability of the Skype iOS app. You can read more and download the app update via the source link below.

Via: Engadget
Source: App Store