440,000 Nest Smoke Detectors “Recalled”, Owners Must Connect To Wi-Fi For Critical Software Update

Google bought Nest for over $3 billion back in January, since then there hasn't been much in the news about the connected device maker until this week. The company has released an official statement of which it addresses the owners of over 440,000 Nest Protects, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector with smart capabilities that is able to be hooked up to Wi-Fi.

Nest has found a major bug in the software of the device which could prevent it from properly going off in an emergency situation. Due to this, The company has halted sales of the Nest Protect and 440,000 of these devices have been “recalled” although it is not the type of recall you would think of traditionally. Owners of these devices do not have to send them away for repair or replacement, instead they will just need to connect the device to an active Wi-Fi connection so Nest can push out a software update to the device of which will fix the critical bug.

The flaw had to do with the Nest Protect's “wave to dismiss” feature which was found to be easily triggered accidentally in the event of a real emergency. This feature has been improved via a new update that will launch in the near future and Nest Protect sales are expected to resume shortly.

Via: Time Magazine
Source: Nest