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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Window Tidy is an easy-to-use Mac program to help organize open application windows on your screen.

For those of you who are familiar with the ‘snap' feature that was included with Windows 7, you likely know how useful and practical it is especially if you only use a single monitor. When I made the full time switch to the Mac OS, I really missed the snap feature particularly when using my 30″ monitor as it was simple to quickly organize my screen space into the layout I wanted I desired without having to manually resize each window. I desperately sought for an affordable program for Mac that will give me the same type of benefit.

After doing some research, it seemed the most affordable and best rated option was a Mac app called Window Tidy. Window Tidy is a light and easy to use program that runs in the background of your Mac OS. It allows you to place open application windows in four default positions just by dragging the window into the Window Tidy layout buttons that automatically appear (see YouTube example below). Though there are only four positions by default, you can customize and add new positions through the program's preferences menu. It is true you don't ‘snap'application windows to the sides of the screen like you would in Windows 7, but you get a similar outcome and a a great deal more versatility.

From my personal experience, Window Tidy has worked exceptionally well. I used to use a 3 monitor setup with my PC, but now I use my 27″ iMac screen and my 30″ Dell monitor together as I can easily split them right down the middle to feel like 4 separate screens. Keeping my windows organized and structured saves me valuable time as well as provides an added convenience that resorts to better productivity and a simpler work flow.


Throughout my own the application has remained stable without any crashes or hiccups. It is easy on your computer as it does not require much resources, therefore it will not slow your computer down while it's running in the background.

In the end, I am very happy with my purchase of the Window Tidy Mac app. I highly suggest it to any prospective buyers and think it is an excellent application. It is easy to use, light on resources, and provides stellar performance when it comes to organizing and utilizing your Mac's screen space efficiently. Using this program has greatly increased my productivity and I have yet to find any competitors that provide similar performance for such a low price tag.