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FormCraft Plugin Review – Premium WordPress Form Builder

FormCraft is a 3rd-party WordPress plugin that is feature packed and affordably priced. Visit The FormCraft Product Page On CodeCanyon One of the most common pages you'll find on a website is a “contact” page which offers some type of form allowing you to contact the site owners whether it be for business, criticisms, inquiries, or a variety of other purposes. Sometimes these contact pages are merely templates included within the website's theme although some themes don't include this template and the ones that do often result in a bland form that has little to no customization options. The...

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MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro Review – Notification Bar WordPress Plugin

The Stripe Ad Pro WordPress plugin allows messages displayed at the top or bottom of webpages. Get A Stripe Ad Pro License For Your Site Introduction In the modern world of online publishing, it can be difficult to get a message across to your audience as the amount of digital clutter is making website visitors less aware and less interested. People are becoming immune to advertising and spend less time reading important information by getting in and getting out as quickly as possible. This is where a useful plugin such as MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro comes to play and attempts to get your...

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Fanciest Author Box Review – Premium WordPress Plugin

 The Fanciest Author Box is a premium WordPress plugin that improves your site's author box. Get The Fanciest Author Box Plugin For Your Website Incorporating your author information into WordPress posts and pages is typically simple to do and most themes come with their own native author box feature. However, these author boxes are usually dull and don't come packed with the necessary features to allow your audience to connect with you. This is where a premium WordPress plugin like Fanciest Author Box comes into play. For the reasonable price of $10 via Code Canyon, you can buy the Fanciest...

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NextGEN Gallery PRO Review – Premium WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

I found the NextGEN Gallery Pro plugin to be a complete and utter train-wreck. The sale from the original developer to Photocrati really took a drastic change for the worst and now causes the “updated” version of the plugin to be virtually unusable. I gave it some time, before I wrote this review of Photocrati to fix the initial bugs however 3 months is long enough and with no end to the issues in sight. It’s too late for us to get our refund back, but I hope I can at least save anyone reading this article from wasting their money with NextGEN Gallery PRO or wasting their time with NextGEN Gallery 2.0. I suggest staying far away from the newer version of this plugin (as well as Photocrati) and you’ll thank me in the long run!

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Gravity Forms Review – Premium WordPress Form Plugin

In the end, I found the Gravity Forms premium Wordpress plugin to work exceptionally well and was very user friendly. Unfortunately, the affordable personal license only provides basic form functionality and in order to access the advanced features you will need to dish out a great deal more for a business or developer license. To make matters worse, you only receive one year of support and updates for the premium price so it is important to budget accordingly. If you’re in need of a killer form plugin and have cash to spend, you will want to go with Gravity Forms as no other plugin utilizes web forms better. However if you’re strapped for cash and have a low budget to work with, I suggest checking out free alternatives like Contact Form 7.

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Pretty Link Pro Review – URL Shorting, Cloaking, & Redirection WordPress Plugin

Overall, I believe the Pretty Link Pro plugin is an excellent investment to anyone who is serious about their Wordpress website and wants to ensure all their links look clean and professional. Though the price is a bit steep, the lifetime updates and support make the plugin a reasonable buy especially considering the advanced features and excellent performance it provides. I think Pretty Link Pro is the best URL management & redirection plugin on the market and I recommend it for any prospective buyers.

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