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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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System Mechanic is a PC software that helps speed up and increase your computer's performance.

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Let's face it, the average PC owner often complains of slow speeds or excessive clutter mainly due to poor execution of routine maintenance procedures. Regular maintenance can be a hassle which most people find too time-consuming, confusing, or they just simply forget to do it. This is where software like System Mechanic 12 steps in, taking care of this for you on autopilot thus taking the complication and annoyance out of maintaining your PC and effectively extending its longevity.


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.15.22 PMThe System Mechanic 12 user interface is fairly clean, but not the most appealing. Compared to some of the other software titles we've reviewed recently, I'd say it rates average and isn't the easiest on the eyes. Nonetheless, it gets the job done and is easy enough to navigate in terms of the menu structure.

The main issue with the interface is that it is still very buggy which I'm guessing has to do with a premature launch of this year's version of System Mechanic without taking the time to get the final kinks out. The bugs I've noticed the most is that about 30% of the time you click a button on the menu, it will not respond to your click and simply do nothing, even if you click multiple times. While I'm sure this will be fixed shortly via a patch or update, I still find it a bit annoying as this should have been worked out prior to launch and could be confusing for new users.


The feature list for System Mechanic 12 is rather large and all have to do with system cleanup/optimization. There is no security features here so you're looking for a piece of software to handle both optimization and security then you'll likely want to take a look at something like Kaspersky Pure 3.0. However, if you have existing security software then System Mechanic should be able to work hand-in-hand without causing any complications.

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Click here for the full list of all 50 components included within System Mechanic.


Throughout my extended use of System Mechanic, I'm not all that impressed in its function and this is few a few reasons. First off, the obvious bugs in the software's interface make navigating through its menus a real pain. Secondly, I found running its functions such as ‘PC TotalCare' took dreadfully long (I was stuck at 55% for 45 minutes) which seems pretty unreasonable considering my Windows partition does not get used that often and shouldn't take that long to process. If it took that long to run on a partition of only 50GB, I can imagine how long it will take for a regularly used system with 250GB-1TB of space.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.12.01 PM

When it came to how much the software actually was able to cleanup or “optimize” my system, it was adequate¬†although I think it is comparable to a free methods or software like CCleaner. For more of an advanced user like myself, the software isn't all that helpful as I have the knowledge to perform these maintenance tasks such an cleaning out temporary internet files, running Windows Updates, installing drivers, limiting programs from booting with Windows (msconfig), and other miscellaneous tasks.

However, if you're not very tech savvy and do not have the time or desire to go through the trouble of locating and learning how to use free alternatives or carrying out these optimization tasks yourself then System Mechanic is a solid choice that will give you a sufficient amount of value. It gets the job done without any learning curve as it works on its own with just the push of a button and a “set it and forget it” type approach.


At first, I wasn't crazy to hear about the $49.95 price tag of System Mechanic 12, but there were several factors that I hadn't to take into consideration before it made sense. First and foremost, unlike most software this is a “Whole Home License” which allows you to install it on all of your home PCs with no limits. That's right it doesn't matter if you have 2 or 10 PCs in your home, you can install System Mechanic on all of them for the same price.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.53.18 PMSecondly, System Mechanic is currently running a special offer for new customers (only using the link I have provided here) which gives you a year license of System Mechanic for the discounted price of $29.95. That is $20 off the MSRP right off that bat with no extra work like rebates needed on your end. Simply click, buy, and reap the savings!

When I take into consideration the $29.95 price tag and the fact that it is not limited to a set amount of PCs, I think the pricing is reasonable and worth the money for many users. This software could offer some major value to consumers who want better performance out of their slow, cluttered PC, but have no clue or desire to learn how to achieve this on their own.


In the end, I found System Mechanic 12 to be a bit buggy, but it got the job done sufficiently in the end. While power users like myself won't find it's methods all that innovative, it takes the traditional maintenance tasks and automates them all in one easy-to-use piece of software. When you factor in the current promotional price and the fact that it supports an unlimited amount of PCs in your home then it is a clear winner in most cases. For those of you who are struggling with poor computer performance and need a simple way to optimize and declutter your system without the headache of learning how to use complicated software or methods then System Mechanic is an excellent choice for you.

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Special thanks to System Mechanic for providing a sample license to make this review possible!