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  • Sony Vegas Pro 12 Video Editor
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Vegas Pro 12 is the latest & greatest video editing program from Sony Creative Software.



Sony has had their feet in the multimedia software business for quite some time with their popular title Vegas being a top contender for video editors using a PC.  Sony Vegas Pro 12 is the last version and I will be reviewing today and it is the software that I am currently using for compiling  and rendering all my YouTube videos. The software is made for PC only and comes at a lower price than it's main competitor for PC Adobe Premiere which is priced individually at $799.

Installation & Setup

The installation of Sony Vegas Pro 12 is fairly simple and there isn't really any tinkering needed in order to start using the program successfully. One way or another you will need to import your footage & media into your project file in order to start editing, but this is very simple and can be done a number of different ways. The great thing about Vegas is it can import a diverse amount of media files with many different extensions meaning you won't have to do the long and annoying process of converting video file types just to get your footage to import correctly. This seems to be pretty standard in the current versions of Final Cut, Premiere Pro, or Vegas. Although, if you decide to go with a lower cost & less professional video editing software you likely will run into this issue and it can be a MAJOR headache and time consuming process.

vegas 12 timeline
A look at the Sony Vegas Pro 12 timeline.


Design & Interface

The design of Vegas Pro 12 is rather simple like the previous Vegas versions which is one of the reasons why it has gained so much popularity. The interface is easy to use and almost anyone who is remotely computer savvy can start editing in minutes without needing to read any how-to instructions. Basic editing on the software is typically just drag and drop. I do think the interface design itself is pretty dull and could have been made a bit more sleek, but this is just my opinion and it would have nothing to do with any performance increase. Unlike some competitors this software is very easy to navigate through the various settings, options, effects, and transitions. It also is very simple to apply them. I have seen many people struggle with the extra annoyance of key-framing and such with Premiere Pro, but with Vegas its just a simple drag and drop and your ready to go.

In terms of performance, Sony Vegas Pro 12 is designed to run on a high multitude of computers and is not extremely resource heavy so even those of you with less expensive computers can take advantage of the editing software. Depending on your system setup however some tasks such as rendering a large video may take longer to complete than someone with a faster computer. You will need at least 4 GB of RAM (basic standard for most PCs sold nowadays) and you will need to be sure you have a 64bit version of Windows since this software is not compatible with 32bit like it has been for previous versions.


Vegas Pro 12 is jam packed with a huge variety of features that any video editor should be satisfied with. You have the ability to edit standard definition, high definition, 2K and 4K material in both 2D or stereoscopic 3D. New features to this year's version are Shape Masking, FX Masking capabilities along with a Color Match plugin that will help you match two color settings from one clip to another. Another popular feature that I like is the multi-cam feature that allows you to easily sync footage from multiple cameras that shot the same scene.

If your moving from another competing software don't worry! With Vegas Pro 12 you are able to import and export project files to and from Vegas. Compatible project files include ProTools, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Resolve 8, Premiere Pro CS6, and After Effect CS6. There is also a new built in way to create high-quality titles that includes animations, professional-style templates, and effects.


Vegas Pro 12 works simply and easily. It imports a wide variety of footage, allows easy transitioning and editing while on the timeline, and exports footage to any file type you may desire. From personal experience, it is significantly stabler than Vegas Pro 11 (what I used to use) and runs super smooth without any hiccups while editing. Rendering with Pro 12 is a breeze and it has built in outputs for YouTube HD both 1080P and 720P which is a real lifesaver for me. It transforms my HD videos to a compressed .MP4 which saves space on my hard drive as well as allows for a faster upload time via YouTube. Shortly, will be writing up a tutorial for anyone who can't find the optimal settings for rendering HD for YouTube using Vegas.

Final Thoughts

Sony Vegas 12 is a gem when it comes to editing software and a must have for anyone looking to professionally edit multimedia on a PC. I highly recommend this software and in comparison to a competitor like Adobe Premiere Pro, I prefer Vegas by a long-shot  Sure, the interface is pretty bland and boring, but the simplicity, performance, and stability of this software makes it a clear winner. Before purchasing the software, I do suggest you make sure you have the necessary requirements found here. Sony successfully improved Vegas from last years version and it continues to be my favorite video editing software for a PC on the market.

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