MacPaw CleanMyPC Review

CleanMyPc Review

CleanMyPC is the PC sibling to MacPaw’s award winning CleanMyMac 3 optimization software. When it comes to routine PC maintenance, the average consumer is not all that knowledgeable as to what should be done to keep their machine running smoothly. While there are some quality software on the market (CCleaner) available for free many are … Read more

System Mechanic 12 Review – PC Optimization & Cleanup Software

I found System Mechanic 12 to be a bit buggy, but it got the job done sufficiently in the end. While power users like myself won’t find it’s methods all that innovative, it takes the traditional maintenance tasks and automates them all in one easy-to-use piece of software. When you factor in the current promotional price and the fact that it supports an unlimited amount of PCs in your home then it is a clear winner in most cases. For those of you who are struggling with poor computer performance and need a simple way to optimize and declutter your system without the headache of learning how to use complicated software or methods then System Mechanic is an excellent choice for you.

ESET Smart Security 6 Review – Anti-Virus & Anti-Theft Software

ESET Smart Security 6 is an solid piece of software that provides adequate protection from cyber threats and vulnerabilities as well as anti-theft features which can be extremely useful if your system becomes lost or stolen. The interface is sleek and easy to use which will suit both beginner and advanced users alike. If you are looking for software that provides security and anti-theft benefits, ESET Smart Security 6 is an excellent choice that I would recommend to others. If you don’t mind missing out on the anti-theft features then I’d suggest going with Kaspersky PURE 3.0 as their security features slightly outranked Smart Security 6 in multiple tests.

Stardock ObjectDock Review – Add A Mac Style Dock To Your Windows PC

Stardock’s ObjectDock software adds a Mac style dock to your Windows operating system. Want the same dock functionality that you’d find on a Mac computer while you’re usingĀ a Windows PC? You’re in luck as it is very easy to implement via the ObjeckDock, a piece of software developed by the same company who makes Start8. … Read more

Stardock Start8 Review – Add A Traditional Start Menu To Windows 8

Overall, I found Stardock’s Start8 product to be an exceptional piece of software and a practical way of tackling Windows 8’s missing start menu problem. It provides an extensive amount of customization and an easy to understand interface that almost anyone can handle tweaking to their needs. When implemented Start8 functions smooth and efficiently, giving your Windows 8 computer the Windows 7 feel that we have all been missing.

I highly suggest initiate the free 30-day trial and give yourself a chance to demo the Start8 software on your own PC. The $5 license fee is very affordable and well worth it, I would definitely recommend the Start8 software to any prospective buyers. There are no other competitors that offer the same customization and advanced features that Start8 has especially at such a low price point.

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security Review

Overall, the Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security software is a real home run in my book. I found it to be easy to use, affordable, and features a bundle of advanced features that you won’t find in any of its competitors. If you are looking to add a serious layer of security against potential viruses, fraud, hackers, or other malicious threats then I don’t see a better option in terms of total value per dollar than the Kaspersky PURE 3.0 software. I highly suggest this software to any potential consumers and if you wish to put this software to the test for yourself, they are offering a free 30 day trial for new users to take advantage of.