Notability iPad App Review

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  • Notability iPad App
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Notability is word processer and handwriting application for the iPad.

The introduction of touch screen tablets have initiated a new desire for people to replace traditional paper and notebooks with these high tech devices. Ginger Labs has recognized this need and came up with their take called Notability. The application is built specifically for the Apple iPad and is found within the App Store. Notability uses the iPad's multi-touch screen to support handwriting and drawing functions as well as text that is able to be formatted in a variety of ways.

The app is well designed and features a simple interface with many different tools and options. I love how it can function both as a word processor using the iPad keyboard, but can be quickly switched to the drawing mode to jot down any graphs, charts, or diagrams you may need. Each note can be “filed” under  a different category in an organized manner.

A look at the interface and a sample note.

Using an app like this accomplishes the simple task of having an easy and more “green” friendly way to take notes in situations such as a class, business meeting, or for everyday occurrences where you need to jot something down on the go. It replaces the heavy notebooks or laptops that you used to lug around to do the job and does it in a way they is much more organized and easy to manipulate.

Although the touch screen writing & drawing capabilities are the best available currently for the iPad, I do want to make it clear that handwriting on this device is not as simple and fluid as paper. This is because when your writing naturally your hand the bottom of your hand often rests or makes contact with the paper. In the iPad's case the multitouch screen registers that unintentional contact as your pen stroke therefore making unnecessary marks on your document.  It can be avoided by making the extra effort to keep your hand raised high above the screen, but frankly the feeling is awkward and does degrade the quality of our handwriting.

It is also important to note that though it has word processing capabilities, it does not have enough that I would be able to completely replace my laptop's Microsoft Word or Mac's Pages software. Fine details such as margins and double spacing are not supported making it a real hassle to try and type a college style paper with this application.

I highly suggest Notability for anyone who is looking to write notes on the go or replace their existing notebooks or laptop note taking purposes. It is hands down the best handwriting and note taking app available for the iPad currently and for the price it is well worth the money.