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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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MacCleanse scans through and removes unnecessary files and folders saving you valuable disk space.



If your Mac is running slow or is just simply too low on storage space you’ll likely want to take a look at MacCleanse. Offered in the Mac App Store MacCleanse is a fast an efficient way to dig through all the contents of your computer and delete all the unnecessary stuff. Not only does it do this well, but it does it quickly and easily.

The Good

MacCleanse’s interface is really sleek and simple. Navigating throughout the various options is easy to do and pretty self explanatory. Each tab gives you a brief, but easy to comprehend explanation of what the tab is designed to do so you really don’t need to be an expert to run this program successfully. I personally really liked the in-depth scanning and customization that is possible. For example, one of the settings removes unnecessary language packs from all of the programs installed on your computer besides your main language (in most cases I’d assume this would be English). This may not seem like a big deal, but sometimes this can result in multiple gigs of storage space that is cleared!

Another awesome feature is the uninstaller. You likely know by now that Mac’s installer/uninstaller process is nothing like Windows and it is easy to “remove” a Mac program and still have a bunch of random files from it scattered around your computer. In this case with a click of a button you can remove that pesky program and all its counterparts without having to scavenge for them individually. The process is quick and painless so practically anyone could do it.

The Bad

There isn't too much I didn't like about this product, but two factors did manage to stick out. The first being the fact that if your not careful you could delete important files without realizing it. Now this is likely only in certain situations, for example I keep a lot of files I have previously downloaded in my Mac's Downloads folder even though I use them on a daily basis. I probably should file them away somewhere safer, but I haven't got around to it since I just find it super easy to find them in my Downloads folder when I need them. If I were to run a full scan for unnecessary files with this program the results of the scan shows my downloads folder as being one of the default folders to be cleaned out. It is an easy enough fix by just unchecking that particular folder to be cleaned, but someone who isn't paying attention might just click delete selected files thus losing all the contents of their downloads folder. This is the only instance where I really noticed it was capable of deleting files that I actually put to use often and frankly if you're not like me and take the time to organize your downloads then you'll likely not have to deal with this.

Secondly, I have a bit of gripe with the retail price of this software. Don't get me wrong the software is great and I DO think it should have a price tag rather then being offered as free because it IS worth paying for. It's just in comparison to free alternatives such as CCleaner there is a great deal of extra features, but $20 is a bit steep for the price of a simple cleaning & optimizing software. I'd be happier recommending this software to others if the price was more around $10-$15 range. The good news about this is that they occasionally have discounts and promotions on the software so keep an eye out on their website for future deals.

Final Thoughts

MacCleanse is a useful program for any Mac owner and can save some serious space and boost performance on their machines. It has a great deal of advanced features in comparison to the free alternative CCleaner, but the $20 price tag is a bit of a stretch. If you're desperate for a space or performance increase then you'll want to spend the money, but otherwise you will likely be better off just using CCleaner.

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