MacPaw CleanMyMac 3 Review

Featured image for our review of MacPaw's CleanMyMac 3 software.

CleanMyMac 3 is an all-in-one optimization and cleaning software for Mac. cog FeaturesFull of convenient cleaning tools designed for safely removing unnecessary files and data. User InterfaceAttractive design styling with excellent interface organization, segmentation and ease of use. PriceFree account limited to 500MB of cleaning and a premium license starts at $39.95 for 1 Mac … Read more

MacKeeper Review – Security & Optimization Software For Mac

I found MacKeeper to be a legitimate and beneficial software for Apple computers despite the unfortunate negative reputation among the Mac community. It conveniently has 16 distinct features in one piece of software for the consumers benefit, but unfortunately the majority of these features perform in a mediocre fashion. I don’t think MacKeeper is all that bad of a deal for the price especially for someone who is not Mac or computer savvy (cleanup, security, & optimization features will be useful to you), but I don’t think it is necessary for the majority of consumers. Personally, I’d rather save some money and buy several lower-priced or free alternatives that will get each task done in a more efficient and effective way, but I will admit the anti-theft feature alone does make it a tempting buy.

Apple Aperture 3.4.4 Review – Photo Editing & Organizing Software

In the end, I found Aperture to be an excellent software at a reasonable price tag. If you’re a Mac user looking for an easy to use program for organizing and providing basic editing features for your photos, Aperture should be an excellent fit. However you’re running a PC or you’re a Mac user who is looking for more in-depth editing functionality, you’ll likely want to take a look at Lightroom 4 or Photoshop. Personally, I choose Aperture over Lightroom due to their simple interface and easy to use exporting options, plus I can always resort to Photoshop for any advanced editing needs.

Window Tidy – Mac App Review

In the end, I am very happy with my purchase of the Window Tidy Mac app. I highly suggest it to any prospective buyers and think it is an excellent application. It is easy to use, light on resources, and provides stellar performance when it comes to organizing and utilizing your Mac’s screen space efficiently. Using this program has greatly increased my productivity and I have yet to find any competitors that provide similar performance for such a low price tag.

FX Photo Studio Pro Mac App Review

From my personal use, I was very satisfied with the software and I believe it is an excellent solution for Mac owners who want to editing their personal photos without spending the time and money into learning a more expensive piece of editing software. I was able to import my RAW image files with no issues and it handled my 18MP photos flawlessly without any hiccups. I do recommend buying this software as it is affordably priced and contains all the basic editing features needed for the average consumer. If you are a professional and looking for something as equivalent to Photoshop then this is not the software for you as it is intended for a casual photographer’s personal use.

Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer Mac App Review

In the end, the Memory Booster app was a big disappointment as it is charging consumers to “optimize” their computers when all it is doing is running a stock Mac terminal command that anyone can do themselves free of charge. There is a link for a tutorial on how accomplish this in the review below. Overall, I would not suggest this app as I believe it is a waste of money when you can quickly and easily run the command for yourself free of charge.