Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security Review

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  • Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security provides your PC with superior protection from a variety of threats.

get the best priceKeeping your computer, sensitive files, and personal information from becoming compromised by a security threat is serious task. It used to be that you'd need to get multiple types of software to cover all your bases. By this I mean in order to be fully secure you'd need an anti-virus software, password manager, online backup service, file encryptor, anti-spam software, file shredder, and PC cleanup utility. Resorting to managing all these different softwares can be costly, take up valuable space on your hard drive, and most importantly bog down your computer's resources. Thankfully, there is no need for this type of situation anymore as Kaspersky has released their PURE 3.0 Total Security software that compiles all of those functions into one easy to use piece of software. The Pure 3.0 software is available for PC users at a price of $89.95 per year or $179.90 for a two year license. For this price, you receive a full subscription for use on up to three different machines of your choice.

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I started my review process by installing and configuring the software on a mid-range Dell desktop running Windows 7 (see full specifications below). The installation process was easy and only took a few minutes. If you are currently running any additional security software, it will likely ask you to uninstall it prior to the PURE 3.0 installation to ensure there are no conflicts. This was the case with my PC that had previously been running Microsoft Security Essentials, but the uninstall process was implemented right into the Kaspersky installer so it did not halt my installation.

Personally, the only issue I had with the setup process was when I tried to validate my license key. For some odd reason, every time I accessed the screen where it asked for me to input the key, half the window did not load correctly therefore the ‘submit' button was not available for me to click even though I had entered the correct license key. I attempted to solve the situation by hitting enter (as some programs will accept that instead of manually clicking the button), then I tried closing the program and re-opening it, but in the end I resorted to full reboot of the machine. Luckily, after doing so this solved the issue and I was able to enter my key and submit it for validation with no issues. I'm not expecting this to happen to everyone, but just be known that it may happen and if you run into the same situation it is best to reboot your computer and try to start the validation process again.

2013-03-19 14_45_37-Kaspersky PURE 3The first thing I did was run a full scan of the machine which took just under 2 hours to complete. In the end, the machine came up clean, but did notify me of vulnerabilities from programs that could potentially access my computer. In my case, this had to do with support files included in my Quickbooks installation that allows Intuit staff to access my computer remotely for support reasons. Since I was familiar with these files it was not alarming and I left them as is, but I could potentially see where someone who isn't so tech savvy might get a bit worried when they see possible vulnerabilities in their machine and panic.

The interface is simple to use and they did a great job of organizing the menus into tabs which keeps each feature's options separate to avoid it from being too overwhelming.Exploring through the various features was interesting and I was surprised to see so many different tools all built into one software. I'm not going to touch on each and every feature included in the Kaspersky PURE 3.0 software, but I will be going over the features that stuck out to me as particularly beneficial.

In terms of the protection and security features, the PURE software is top notch. It is really innovative as it attack threats from all angles. By using real-time virus updating and analysis, it allows you to manually or automatically scan your machine to keep it free from possible infections of viruses, malware, or trojans. Most traditional anti-virus or security software focuses on one direction which is the idea of potential threats getting inside your computer. Kaspersky decided they were going to focus not only on the inside of your computer being compromised, but also on the potential of your sensitive information (such as documents, photos, personal information, etc.) making its way outside of your computer and into the hands of hackers or other serious threats. They have done this by actively monitoring your network activity to check for unauthorized distribution of your computer's contents through your Internet connection. This is some really useful technology especially for someone who regularly stores sensitive information on their PC that could be devastating in the hands of someone else.

2013-03-19 14_47_11-Reports

In addition to their security protection, they also have built-in anti-spam and anti-advertisement options that will automatically weed out spammy emails in your inbox as well as disable annoying pop up and banner advertisements on future web pages you visit. From my experience, it seems the email anti-virus and spam detection will only work if you use an email client such as Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook to access your email. Those of you who just access your email through a web-based interface such as GMail.com or Yahoo.com will likely not be able to effectively take advantage of this features. Parents who are worried about their child misusing the computer will be satisfied by the plethora of parental control options that allows you to block access to things like the Internet, certain applications, games, or websites. You can also limit, log, or completely block the use of instant messenger clients or popular social networking websites if you so desire. Another cool feature is the ability to block your child from giving out personal information such as phone numbers or credit card information as you never know when your child might be giving out such personal information without you knowing.

2013-03-20 14_12_04-Create backup taskPURE 3.0 gives you the ability to run free online backups which sounds awesome, but is a bit less impressive when you actually go about configuring it. I initially hoped you'd be able to do full computer backups (in the event that the computer were to be fully compromised by a virus attack), but that was wishful thinking as this is not the case. The backup feature utilizes Dropbox cloud storage so you only get up to 2 GB of online storage for free (it is possible to gain addition space from referrals). You can set the syncing to backup manually when you prefer or you also have the option to sync it in standard intervals like every certain number of days, hours, minutes, or even start to sync every time you startup the application.  Though it simplifies the syncing process with Dropbox, it is fairly easy to setup automatic file syncing via Dropbox even without this software so I would not consider a major selling point. Additionally, for even more protection when backing up or storing your sensitive files or folders, you can use the data encryption tool to securely protect your information from hackers or criminals. Each time you use this feature it creates an encrypted “vault” that can only be access by the password you assign to it. Tying together this data encryption option with the  backup feature makes for some serious protection for your most important files or folders.

For those of you who are worried about identity theft which is becoming more and more common in this technological world we live in, don't worry Kaspersky has got you covered. The PURE 3.0 software includes advanced anti-phishing technology that will keep you from giving out information to the wrong people as it runs every email or URL you visit into their online database of phishing websites. They have included a dedicated password manager that is capable of generating random and secure passwords on the fly that will stay stored on your hard drive and automatically log you into your web accounts and applications automatically. If you own multiple PCs running the Pure 3.0 software, it is even possible to have these passwords sync together in the Cloud. The only downfall of this Password Manager is that it is not currently compatible with 64 bit operating systems, applications, or browsers so in my case I was unable to test as all my testing PC was indeed 64 bit. I'm hoping they will update this feature to be compatible with 64 bit machines in the future as it seems most manufacturers are releasing their new PCs running solely 64 bit operating systems.

2013-03-20 15_10_37-File ShredderLast but not least, I found the added tools such as the ‘PC Cleanup‘ and ‘File Shredder‘ tools that were included in the PURE 3.0 software to be a nice additional. The PC Cleanup option allows you to easily delete things like your browser history, temporary Internet files, cookies, and old documents to free up disk space and remove possible vulnerabilities. Many people don't realize when you delete something there are still remnants of the contents left on your computer that can be recoverable. The file shredder removes any trace of old files, folders, and programs left on your hard drive therefore preventing your information from being recovered or stolen should your PC get into the hands of a criminal. These types of features can be found in freeware such as CCleaner, but by coupling these features into this software you are able to kill two birds with one stone and adds a convenience factor for the user.

Overall, the Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security software is a real home run in my book. I found it to be easy to use, affordable, and features a bundle of advanced features that you won't find in any of its competitors. If you are looking to add a serious layer of security against potential viruses, fraud, hackers, or other malicious threats then I don't see a better option in terms of total value per dollar than the Kaspersky PURE 3.0 software. I highly suggest this software to any potential consumers and if you wish to put this software to the test for yourself, they are offering a free 30 day trial for new users to take advantage of.


Special thanks to Kaspersky for providing us with a sample license in order to make this review possible!