iMovie Video Editing iOS Appliciation Review

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  • iMovie Video Editing iOS App
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The iMovie app brings basic video editing capabilities on the go to your iOS device.

Software such as Apple's iMovie for Mac has made basic film editing a feasible task for the average consumer. Now the same basic editing capabilities can be accessed through a compatible iOS device via the official Apple iMovie mobile app. Nowadays more people are capturing video with their iPhones than traditional video cameras so it makes the most sense to be able to edit the video right through your phone. This saves the hassle of exporting your footage off your device, importing it into iMovie on your Mac, performing the necessary editing, and having to export the finished product yet again.

The iMovie iOS app is found within the App Store, but keep in mind there are some restrictions as to which devices can handle running the app (see list above under “supported platforms”). It is also important to note the compatible models will only work if they are running iOS 6.0 or later so you will have to upgrade if you haven't already. The app involves the traditional simple app installation and does not require any real tinkering once it is installed.

Like iMovie for a Mac, you must create a project before you can start editing. This keeps your content organized and structured which is particularly useful if you plan on editing multiple videos, each with their own unique content. Importing your media into a project file only involves a few clicks and is not a complicated process. I find the interface for the iMovie mobile app to be well designed and simple, though realistically it is relatively tougher to edit with than a Mac. This is mainly the case for people with large fingers as they may find it tough to be precise when editing due to the small size of the screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

In terms of features, there is all the basics you would expect. Things like merging clips, shortening clips, adding audio or background music, adding titles, and including transitions like fades. You can record live audio or video through the app itself which would be useful for someone looking to provide commentary on a previously recorded video. One of the most useful features is that once your done recording you can choose to save the completed video to your iOS device's “camera roll” or you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo right through the app.

The app has functioned well since I started testing it out a few months back and it serves its purpose just like the iMovie for Mac does. By this I mean it gives you simple and basic editing functionality without all the bells and whistles you'd expect from the higher more complex competitors. The app runs efficiently in terms of battery life and is stable unlike some other video related iPhone apps I have tested previously.

To see what type of end product is capable using only this app and the iPhone's camera check out this video:

If you are looking for an easy way to edit iOS video footage without having to resort to using a computer or you'd like to have the ability to edit while on the go then this app is perfect for your needs. I do recommend going ahead and buying this app if your thinking about purchasing it. It gets the job done without any significant issues or annoyances and has all the basic features you'd expect from iMovie right in the palm of your hand.