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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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iA Writer is a Mac app focused on a distraction free writing environment.


With the influx of modern technology that has flowed into our everyday lives there is a heavy increase on the number of distractions that keep people from getting work done. One task that is often tough to stay focused on is producing or editing quality written content through common word processors such as Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages. Most of us for one reason or another have had to write an important paper, essay, article, or report in a timely manner. The traditional text editing software can be too feature filled and the amount of elements within the screen while you are working can hinder your efficiency and creativity. Luckily for us, iA Writer an iOS and Mac application was created specifically to cater to this problem.

Setup & Installation

iA Writer is a Mac application (it is also made for iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone) that can be purchased and downloaded exclusively through the Mac App store. If you are not familiar with the installation of a downloaded Mac App store then you will likely be surprised at how the simple the process is. Just by a matter of a few simple mouse clicks you can purchase, download, and install the application quickly and easily without any tinkering needed. The application does not require much setting up besides configuring your iCloud account if you wish to sync your documents to the Cloud (which is most often used for editing files between the Mac and iOS versions).

Design & Interface

iA Writer is designed in a very minimalistic manner. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use, but this is likely due to its intentional lack of features. Without the intrusion of various buttons, options, and settings taking up your valuable screen space you are able to really focus on the task at hand. The faint white background is easy on the eyes even after hours of extended use.


As you may have noticed from the star rating the features are severely lacking in comparison to other text editing software, but this is primarily on purpose. You don't have the ability to change the color or the font type that your text produces. You also don't have the ability to add in images or multimedia into your document. But is this really necessary? This apps purpose is to keep you from getting distracted from all the extra bells and whistles that are not important. It also features a really innovative “focus mode” that highlights only the line you're working on (view screenshots for examples).


The outcome of using of such a simple software as this is really impressive. Since using iA Writer our articles and reviews are written in at least half the time. There is something about this interface and design that keeps your mind focused on getting your work done quickly. I no longer am distracted by font or formatting options and the layout is very easy on the eyes. My favorite feature and the one that is significant enough to warrant a purchase for any prospective buyer is the “focus mode”. It works flawlessly and has significantly boosted my ability to write clear and concise the first time around without getting my ideas jumbled between previous sentences. Another neat little feature that is helpful is the added statistics at the bottom tallying important things such as word count, character count, and an estimation of the time that it would take for someone to read the amount of text currently entered.

Final Thoughts

This app is a clear winner if you are looking to become more productive in your time spent writing. It has already saved us valuable time by keeping out focus on our tasks and allowing us to channel all of our thoughts into our writing and away from the unnecessary bells and whistles that the standard word processor is equipped with. For the affordable price tag of iA Writer, you are more than getting your moneys worth from this application.

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