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FormCraft is a 3rd-party WordPress plugin that is feature packed and affordably priced.

One of the most common pages you'll find on a website is a “contact” page which offers some type of form allowing you to contact the site owners whether it be for business, criticisms, inquiries, or a variety of other purposes. Sometimes these contact pages are merely templates included within the website's theme although some themes don't include this template and the ones that do often result in a bland form that has little to no customization options. The best way to overcome this situation is to investing in a premium WordPress form builder plugin. There are plenty of 3rd plugins developed specifically to create custom forms in an attractive and easy to use way for use on sites of all niches.

The most popular premium option in the WordPress community would be a plugin called Gravity Forms. This plugin features a great deal of customization options and integration benefits although the interface is not the most user-friendly and frankly the licensing costs are a bit ridiculous as utilizing Gravity Forms full potential will cost you a steep $200 per year.

Since this cost is so high and many WordPress site owners are on a budget, I did some research into a cheaper alternative that would get the job done when it came to creating quality forms without breaking the bank. The result of this search was a plugin called FormCraft which is sold on the CodeCanyon marketplace for a price of $32 per license. At the time this review was written, FormCraft has over 2,100+ sales through CodeCanyon and boasts an average buyer rating of 4.56/5 stars (256 reviews). The remainder of this review is based solely on my hands on experience with FormCraft and no outside influences or bias has had any effect on the outcome of this review.

2014-04-16_10-59-11Installing the FormCraft plugin is as easy as downloading the ZIP file and uploading the plugin through the WordPress interface. From there you'll get a new tab on your admin sidebar sporting the FormCraft logo and title. This is where you'll go to enter the backend of the plugin so you can manage things like creating new forms, reading form submissions, managing uploaded form files, and viewing form statistics.


Navigating through the backend is easy and the user interface is stellar. Each section is separated into its own tab which keeps the management side of the plugin nicely organized and I never find myself “lost” within the menus. The first “Home” tab showcases your recent views and submissions on your active forms. While the data shown on the graph isn't all that detailed, it is still a nice feature which allows you to quickly tell how much exposure your forms are receiving and how often they are converting to submissions.


The “Forms” tab is where you'll find all your previously created forms and where you will go to create new ones. Creating a new form only requires a few steps plus you have the ability to duplicate an existing form or import a form template, something that adds great convenience if you plan to make several forms that only differ slightly. What I like most about the FormCraft plugin is its high level of customization while still being dead simple to use without any coding knowledge required.

The editing interface is based on a “drag-n-drop” model so those of you who aren't the most tech savvy will have nothing to worry about. You can choose from a variety of fields including basic (text, number, email, etc.) as well as advanced fields like (smiley rating, star rating, thumb rating, sliders, range, etc.). These fields can easily be arranged in the order you want including multi-column formatting. Editing the look and style of your forms is just as simple with no CSS knowledge needed although you do have the option to add in custom CSS if you want to go above and beyond the built-in templates.

It is worth noting that FormCraft is capable of producing much more than strictly contact forms, you can also create email opt-in forms, surveys, quizzes, applications, and much more. The only catch to using FormCraft for quizzes or surveys is that it lacks any type of built-in logic so it isn't capable of producing an end result or score.


As you'd assume, the “Submissions” tab is pretty self explanatory. All your form submissions are stored within this tab for easy access and organization. If you're someone who doesn't plan on checking this tab all that often to look for new submissions, you can setup a email notifications on a form by form basis so you'll never miss a submission as they will get automatically forwarded to your email of choice.

The “File Manager” tab keeps track of any uploaded files that may have been submitted within any of your forms. If you don't choose to include a file upload field within your forms then this tab will be irrelevant to you. Lastly, the “Add-Ons” tab is where you'll go to configure and link your email marketing service if you so desire. There is only 3 support which are MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor so those of you who are using a competing service like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, or iContact will be out of luck.

See An Example FormCraft Form In Action

I've used the FormCraft plugin for the past few months and it has powered half of this website's forms. Now that my previous Gravity Forms subscription has expired, I will be implemented the rest of the forms using the FormCraft plugin and making a full transition as I believe it offers more value on the dollar than most competing plugins. If you're looking to buy a license for use on multiple website, you should be warned that it will not support this and you'll need to purchase a new license for each website you're planning to use it on.

In the end, I've found the FormCraft Premium WordPress Form Builder to be an excellent plugin for WordPress site owners and I'd highly recommend it to any prospective buyers. It is very user-friendly and offers many advanced features although it does fall short in terms of 3rd party integrations when compared to a more commercialized plugin like Gravity Forms. If you're looking to create sleek, responsive forms with a simple drag-n-drop interface without breaking the bank then FormCraft is likely a solid choice for your needs.