Clicky Touch App Review – Realtime Web Analytics For iPhone & iPad

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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Clicky Touch app provides realtime data from your Clicky Analytics account to your iOS device.

In a previous review, I covered my positive experience using the Clicky Analytics service. Since an unofficial iOS app exists called Clicky Touch, I decided to go ahead and give it a try to see how well-made it is. Clicky Touch is available through the iOS App Store selling at a price of $2.99. The app is available for both the iPhone and iPad, but your purchase is universal therefore you do not have to buy the iPad version separately.

5The Clicky Touch interface is well designed and gives you access to your data in numbers, but also can show data in graphs if you desire. Personally, I find the graph's execution to be weak therefore I never use this feature. At the top of the user interface, you see a constant feed of active visitors, average session length, and visitor uplift (how much traffic you have compared to the same time yesterday). While I find it handy to have this data always within view, it can be frustrating since I have found the data to not always be up-to-date even though it is supposed to be self-refreshing. These figures often get stuck (especially the visitor uplift) and sometimes will not even update even upon closing and reopening the application.

The stability of this app is another weak spot as I have experienced unexpected crashes quite regularly. By reading the iTunes customer reviews, it seems many people are experiencing the same crashes and the developer has yet to fix them. It is clear the author has stopped supporting the app as the last update was made in August of 2011.

The features of Clicky Touch are very limited compared to the standard browser-based Clicky platform. Obviously, I did not expect the advanced features like heat maps or visitor maps to be included in the app, but there are a few features that I was extremely surprised the developer chose to leave out.

For example, I would have like to have the ability to apply data ranges to do further analysis. I am currently only able to view a single day of analytics data at one time, which means I have no way to check my monthly totals via the app. Another huge downfall is that I am not able to view critical statistics like unique visitors or page views, but instead can only view visitors (non-unique) and ‘actions' data.

In the end, I did not think the Clicky Touch app was worth spending your money on. The app's mediocre function and limited features would be acceptable if it were free, but since this is not the case there is no excuse. Instead of spending your money on the Clicky Touch app, I suggest visiting the Clicky mobile site ( on your iOS devices as you gain access to more features and a similar interface. You can also ‘pin' the Clicky mobile site to your home screen by following this tutorial and this will give you the same easy access to your Clicky account without the limitations of the Clicky Touch app.