CameraBag 2 Mac Application Review

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  • CameraBag 2 Mac App
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The CameraBag 2 Mac app is a quick and easy to use photo editing program that is affordably priced.


With popular apps like Instagram having gained such popularity over the past year, the idea of applying filters and simple edits to your photos has become a fun and exciting experience for many consumers. To gain the ability to apply these editing capabilities for your favorite photos on a Mac there is an application called CameraBag 2. It is priced affordably at only $9.99 and can be found in the Mac App Store.

The CameraBag interface is simple and very user friendly. Loading your desired image to edit only takes a few clicks and virtually anyone could do it. All the adjustments are made via the tabs on the right side of the screen and are not hidden like some other more complicated editing programs. The first way to edit is the ‘Styles' tab which allows for filters to be added very similar to Instagram. Once each filter is applied you have the ability to adjust the intensity of the filter to your liking. The next tab is called ‘Adjust'  and gives you the ability to perform basic edits such as cropping, straightening, and making further color changes including contrast and saturation adjustments.

The ‘Borders' tab is self-explanatory and adds numerous borders that can be added to your photos to give it a cooler resulting look. In the ‘Favorites' tab you'll find a bunch of pre-made edits that include some really neat effects. You have the option to leave these presets as they come or you can tweak certain elements of them on a photo by photo basis. Lastly, the ‘Quicklooks' tab gives you the ability to see an array of thumbnails showcasing your photo among alongside all the particular editing choices making it easier to see what each option looks like (see gallery above for examples). Other notable features include the ability to create your own filters and batch processing which allows you to apply a particular filter or preset to a whole folder worth of pictures automatically.

From my personal experience, I found the software to be fun and easy to use. It is not remotely comparable to a powerful software like Photoshop, but considering the price and the purpose of the application it is an excellent piece of software. Ideally, this CameraBag 2 is perfect for someone who is looking to perform basic edits of family photos or Facebook photos, but isn't very tech savvy or doesn't want to break the bank on a more expensive application.

Overall, the CameraBag 2 Mac application is well-designed, easy to use, and can effectively turn your regular photos into something cool and unique. It is affordably priced and perfect for someone looking to edit Facebook or family photos quickly and easily. If you're in the market for a fun and user friendly program that is easy on your wallet, CameraBag 2 is an excellent choice.