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Themeforest is an online marketplace housing some of the best website themes and templates around.

Finding a quality website theme is not the easiest task and to be realistic most of the free options out there are just plain awful. If you are even remotely serious about your website you should be investing in a premium theme. No matter what niche you are in which you can find some suitable options amount the thousands for sale at Themeforest. What exactly is Themeforest? It is an online marketplace much like eBay, that allows theme designers to sell their creations and consumers to buy these theme files for their own personal use.

The website provides value for theme designers as they are able to put their themes in front of thousands of hungry buyers each month in exchange for giving the marketplace a cut of the selling price. Consumers benefit from being able to search through hundreds of different themes in virtually every category requiring only a few clicks. Not only does Themeforest sell WordPress themes, but they also sell HTML templates, email templates, PSD templates, and themes for other popular CMS frameworks (Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine). You need to be sure that you purchase the theme in the correct format you are looking for. I say this because I often see complaints from people that meant to buy a particular WordPress theme (that is priced at $50 for example), but by accident they bought the same theme in the PSD version (for $15) by accident as they look identical. Therefore it is important to double check that you are buying the theme in the format you are looking for before finalizing your purchase.

There are a few things I've learned through my experience with Themeforest. The first thing I've come to realize is that buying experience will directly depend on the seller you choose to buy from. By this I mean you need to thoroughly check out the particular theme's user ratings, comments, and verify that the seller regularly updates the theme as well as providing free support. If you don't check these properly you could end up with a frustrating experience. If you can verify the theme has a minimum of 4/5 stars, has no recent negative comments, was updated within the past 6 months, and has some sort of support forum or ticketing system offered from the seller then you should be in the clear and should be comfortable purchasing the theme without hesitation.

The majority of negative experiences with Themeforest happen when you choose the wrong seller. The only other downfall I have experienced from the service is their payment options. You either can buy prepaid marketplace credit at a minium of $20 all the way up to $500 or you can choose to buy the theme for the price displayed, but in this case there is a $2 surcharge with each purchase. I don't like to buy prepaid credit as usually don't know if I'll need to buy more templates in the future, but at the same time you get hit with a $2 fee on every purchase even if the theme is only $10. This is a pain and hassle, but if you plan accordingly buying prepaid credit can save you some money in fees in the long run.

Overall, Themeforest is an excellent resource to find premium WordPress themes to fit virtually any need. It is important you do further research on each seller and make sure they are dedicated to updating their theme and have great feedback on their work. If you choose to buy from the right people, chances are you will be extremely happy with the Themeforest marketplace just like I have been through all my previous sales. I do recommend buying themes from Themeforest as long as you take precaution and are smart with purchase decisions.