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Straight Talk Wireless offers an affordable unlimited everything pay as you go plan for mobile devices.


Straight Talk has been growing buzz recently with their competitive no contract ‘pay as you go” mobile plans. One of the most interesting aspects of the Straight Talk service is the ability to enroll in their “BYOP” (Bring Your Own Phone) service plan. By buying a sim card only you have the ability to activate your Straight Talk plan on a wide variety of compatible phones that you may already own or purchase used online, from a friend, or family for a discounted price.

In our case the sim card plan really intrigued us and since it was said to be compatible with an AT&T iPhone (Verizon or Sprint phones are not compatible!) we decided to try our luck for ourselves. So for those of you who are wondering, this review will be based purely off personal use of the unlimited sim card plan. Having just upgraded to the iPhone 5 our older 4s (unlocked through AT&T) was the perfect candidate for testing. We ordered the sim card (a micro sim so no need to cut a regular one down to size) through their website and it took about 3 days to reach our office. It is worth noting that although Straight Talk has a huge contract to sell their plans through Walmart, you must buy the sim card online through their website (click here to visit their site) as the Walmart stores only carry monthly plans and minute upgrades, but they do not carry the actual sim cards themselves.

Breakdown of service plans. (source:

Setup & Number Porting

After receiving our sim card package we were ready to setup our device. We filled out a brief online application and we were ready to start the transfer process. We decided to try porting the number from a previous pay as you go Virgin Mobile plan to see how difficult the process was. After inputting the number to port and a few other bits of info we had initiated the porting leaving us just with a waiting game until the process was complete. We then left to go out to dinner and when we arrived back (around 2 hours) the porting process had finished allowing our iPhone to be now be working off the Straight Talk plan.

Performance & Function

Now comes to the important part of the review, how does the plan fair up running on an iPhone? Surprisingly, we were really impressed. As you may have noticed from the screenshot above, the carrier logo changes automatically and for some reason it changes to “HOME”. Why “HOME” of all things? We frankly have no idea, but we aren't going to dwell on the little things if we can still use our iPhone's feature while paying much smaller monthly bill than with a traditional carrier. To the average person who isn't super tech savvy they likely wouldn't notice any difference in the performance and overall function.

From our experience all of the core functions of the iPhone were operating successfully except visual voicemail (which to us is no big deal). This included FaceTime, MMS, iMessaging, and the AppStore. We have heard from some other sources that getting MMS and FaceTime to work with an iPhone can be a bit more difficult, but for us it worked perfectly from the start without having to mess with any of the settings. Do keep in mind our iPhone was factory unlocked by AT&T so this may not be the case for some of you.

As for the service coverage we were also pleasantly surprised. Throughout our month of testing we were rarely without service and were pretty spot on in terms of comparison to our AT&T iPhone 5 likely due to the fact that Straight Talk actually uses other service providers towers including AT&T. The call quality was fantastic and the data speeds were comparative to when we were running the phone on AT&T. You will also notice that you get the same access to the AT&T HSPA+ network that will show as “4G” (which applicable) at the top of your screen.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this plan seemed too good to be true, but we were surprisingly impressed. It is an absolute steal when paired with the iPhone preferably unlocked to avoid some issues like MMS that would otherwise require tuning with extra settings. This plan is ideal for someone who is on an individual smartphone plan (often paying $60-$100 a month) since you can cut your monthly bill practically in half while receiving unlimited minutes, data, and messaging at the same time. Setting up the auto-refill button monthly is the best option since you don't have to worry about your service cutting and it automatically refills like your normal contract plan would. Competitors such as Virgin Mobile do not compare to the quality and service you receive for the low monthly price. If you are thinking of switching plans to a reliable and affordable no contract solution then Straight Talk wireless should be one of your top choices.

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