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SheerSEO gives webmasters the ability to easily track their SEO campaigns & ranking statistics.


With SEO being such a high priority for so many website owners today, it is as important as ever to properly track your rankings and determine how effective your search engine optimization campaigns are performing. By using an online service called SheerSEO, you can input search queries of your choice and the service will track you what SERP position you are ranking for regarding these terms. The company is not well-known so its reputation thus far is neither good nor bad, it's just non-existent. If you are running Clicky Analytics, you might notice SheerSEO is implemented into the Clicky service's backend (still requires subscription).

Pricing & Features

SheerSEO offers a free 2 month trial account which this review is based on experience using. Once the trial period is over, you must upgrade to a premium account or you'll lose access to the service. Here is a breakdown of the tiered service plans:

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 6.06.57 PM

The features are pretty average and there are none that jump out to me as being noticeably innovative or unique to this service so it is a bit of a disappointment. The pricing is reasonable for most website owner's budget, but it is important to realize each account is only capable of tracking a single domain.This means if you want to utilize SheerSEO for multiple websites, you'll need to dish out money for another subscription(s).

Function & Performance

I have used the SheerSEO service for the past 32 days and have seen the ins and outs of the service. In terms of overall performance, I am not all that impressed for a few reasons. The SheerSEO service is supposed to track Google, Bing, & Yahoo rankings, but in the end I found my Bing/Yahoo rankings were completely off from the real thing. Our content on average ranks easier on Bing & Yahoo than Google, but the SheerSEO service only shows 9 out of the 40 terms ranking within the first 200 positions within these search engines. I have done manual tracking and found these results to be skewed drastically and most of my rankings in these search engines did not count properly.

Since I care much less about my Bing/Yahoo rankings compared to Google this isn't that huge of a deal to me. The Google rankings are more consistent by far, but still have some major bugs here and there.You can see a real example of what I'm talking about below:

SheerSEO Rank:

sheerseo mistake #2

Actual Rank:


Due to the overall lack of any real precision within the SheerSEO results, I just can't see the service being worth a monthly subscription fee. If it were 100% accurate on all three search engines or even Google alone that might sway my opinion, but you can't expect to charge for a service that is showing you inaccurate results. Another annoyance is that the plans update their statistics every week by default, which is too long from my experience as rankings typically change everyday (sometimes multiple times a day). If you want SheerSEO to provide daily updates, you'll need to pay an additional $10 a month which can take the price from affordable to expensive for some consumer's budgets.


In the end, the SheerSEO service was too inaccurate for me to recommend it. Its Google rankings were fairly consistent in most cases, but its lack of Yahoo & Bing accuracy coupled with the occasional Google ranking miscalculation made it disappointing. The pricing model could use some serious tweaking since the default plan's weekly updates & one domain restriction provides much less value on the dollar than I expected.

I found the SheerSEO service to be a useful resource to check Google rankings during my free trial period, but I will not be spending my money on a paid subscription once the trial is over and I would not recommend spend their money on a subscription. Since the free trial does not require a credit card, I do think it is worth signing up for the trial period regardless so you can test our the rank tracking service for yourself with your own data.

There is a great alternative called Rank Checker Ace, which provides free rank tracking for up to 1000 different keywords (100 keywords allowed per URL). I would recommend anyone interested in SheerSEO give that service a try as it is a suitable alternative with more features and less limitations.

  • I’m using SheerSEO for approximately 4 years now and in overall I’m pretty satisfied with it, never had a misleading info like you mentioned.
    the ranking situation you showing could happened when Google temporarly took you off from the results on the same time Sheerseo crawled it. that’s why you can also see a descent of 191 places (that means you probably were arroun 9-10th place.

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