RescueTime Pro Review – Time Management & Productivity Tracking

I found the RescueTime software to be a convenient way to analyze your productivity and time management although it fell short in a few areas. If you’re desperate to learn what your weak spots are in terms of productivity and what to change in the future then RescueTime is a reasonable option to consider. However, if you’re more interested in accurately tracking your time and having the ability to “clock in” or “clock out” with less of the productivity analysis features, then Time Doctor is the best choice for your needs. As for my personal situation, I’m more interested in the time tracking than productivity analysis therefore I will be canceling RescueTime and continuing my Time Doctor subscription.

Time Doctor Review – Online Time Tracking & Analysis

In the end, I found the Time Doctor to be an refreshingly beneficial service that takes solves a difficult issue in a straightforward manner. The interface is simple, it’s easy on your budget, and the functionality is unmatched by any competitors. Personally, it has aided me in becoming more productive and staying focused on the task at hand. I highly recommend the Time Doctor service to anyone looking to actively track their own time and productivity or anyone who hires a freelancer, consultant, or telecommuter on a regular basis. Best of all you can test out the full functionality by signing up for their 30-day trial.