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MailChimp is a popular email marketing service catering to businesses of all sizes.

Email marketing campaigns have become routine for the a great deal of existing businesses as they are easy and affordable to implement while being capable of providing a significant return. There are many different email marketing services present in today's market, but today we are going to focus on one of the most popular called MailChimp. They offer plans for email lists ranging from 500 subscribers all the way up to 3.1 million. Their plans can cater to any size business or organization which is likely why over 2.5million people choose MailChimp as their email marketing service of choice.

By signing up for an email marketing plan through MailChimp you will gain an array of valuable features. Building an email list is as simple as ever with customizable forms, Facebook Integration, and access to your marketing campaign on the go via the MailChimp mobile app. You can segment your list based on criteria such as location or engagement to ensure your campaign is always targeted and effective. You also have access to auto-responders which can be configured to schedule automated emails to your subscribers to keep them engaged over time.

Creating an opt-in page or box with MailChimp is simple due to their drag and drop designer that allows you to easily edit your own form without any prior coding knowledge required. You can add images, drop-downs, radio buttons, phone number fields, and whatever type of information you desire from your subscribers. This simplicity is also present in the design of your email template. You have the option of choosing from dozens of pre-made templates or you can start from scratch using the template builder which is also drag and drop based. If you're really serious and want a professionally made design checkout the affordable templates found here to really spice up the appeal of your email marketing campaign.

The reporting feature of MailChimp is one of the most appealing factors to me personally. Their reporting system is top notch and has compatibility with Google Analytics which allows you to combine your MailChimp campaign reports with your Analytics stats for added benefit and convenience. Within the reporting system you can view stats, track goals, and see campaign analytics. There is a variety of stats that are tracked including more advanced metrics like click tracking, bounce rate, unsubscriber reports, activity reports, and click maps.

I have personally found the MailChimp service to be extremely user friendly and beneficial. It takes all the complication out of email marketing and makes it a fun and exciting experience that provides a visible return on user engagement for your business. Considering you can start your mailing list for free and upgrade to a premium plan when you need to, I find the service to be an all around win. If you decide to go with a competitor like AWeber you will find their pricing is more expensive (for the same comparable features) and they offer no free plan. The customizable forms and email templates are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition and cater your own unique style to your campaigns.

I absolutely recommend MailChimp to anyone looking to make a further connection with their audience at a very reasonable price. It is suitable for business or organizations of all sizes and can be fully customized to fit your individual needs simply and easily. MailChimp is a home run from my experience and it is an excellent resource for anyone jumping into the email marketing game.

  • Great job detailing the benefits of MailChimp. I just finished a little video with my 10 year old, showing how simple it is to use their interface. I recommend it to all my clients.

    • Great video! I too have the same free t-shirt and I also got one of their goofy winter hats during the giveaway last year 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Good review Colt!

    Where did you get the 'No affiliate links' detail from? The MailChimp blog says this is fine unless it's for scams / porn / similar, and we've been featuring an Amazon affiliate link since our daily email launch with no issues… that I'm aware of!

    • Hey Jacob,

      I should clarify a bit further. MailChimp allows affiliate marketing in their newsletters, but doesn’t want “affiliate marketers” to be using it. They define their policy such as this:

      “If you’re an author or professional blogger or business owner that sends permission-based emails full of content that your recipients are expecting, and the content isn’t risky (as defined in our terms of use), and you don’t violate any spam laws, you will likely never experience any problems using MailChimp even if you include affiliate marketing links. If you’re someone who calls yourself an “affiliate marketer” whose content is strictly “whatever gives me the highest commission, relevance be damned!” we’re just not built for you. No offense.”

      You can read more of their take on affiliate links here.

      Hope that makes more sense and I realize I was a bit vague about that policy so I’m glad we were able to discuss it a little more in-depth. Thanks for the comment Jacob!

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